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Fire Safety is vital in your workplace

Online Training Courses

  • Fire Safety NI

    Fire Safety Legislation

    Gain the knowledge and skills needed to maintain fire safety standards in line with current legislation.

  • Fire Safety NI

    Keep Safe From Fire

    Fire safety within your workplace is vital. This training course will help you understand how fires occur and how best to prevent them.

  • Fire Safety NI


    Try our FREE demonstration now. It will only take a few minutes of your time and it will show you how easy it is to operate and manage your Fire Safety training though this bespoke online portal.

Benefits of Online Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Safety NI

    Learning Material

    The learning material is designed to appeal to staff at every level with easy to read learning material, clear illustrations and diagrams.

  • Fire Safety NI

    Multiple Choice

    Each module consists of concise information about Fire Safety topics. These are followed by a short multiple choice questionnaire.

  • Fire Safety NI

    Repeat and Learn

    The training modules are designed to motivate. If a trainee answers questions incorrectly they can repeat the module and answer the relevant questions again.

Benefits of our Online Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Safety NI

    Understand why fires occur and how to prevent them

  • Fire Safety NI

    Appreciate the full danger of home and workplace fires

  • Fire Safety NI

    Convenient training for your business and staff

  • Fire Safety NI

    Keep legal, fully insured and safe from fire

  • Fire Safety NI

    Minimise disruption to your daily business operations

  • Fire Safety NI

    Cost effective use of training budget

What Our Customers Say
  • PA2Day “Our staff members come from a wide range of backgrounds and we found that by conducting the Fire Safety training online with Fire Safety NI, we were able to achieve our certification quickly with minimal disruption to our business.  It also proved to be a cost effective way for us to deliver the training, much more so than sending people to attend an off-site training course. The layout of the training was intuitive and easy to follow.” PA2Day
  • ITS New Media “As an IT business, we have to balance the needs of fulfilling our corporate responsibilities against the needs of running a business.  In this regards, the Fire Safety NI online training resource has served us well. We have been able to schedule our training in such a way that staff have become fully trained and certified, with minimal disruption to the company and with no impingement on the staff’s professional or personal time.” ITS New Media
  • Hamilton Morris Waugh "Fire Safety NI’s online Fire Safety training programme has worked very successfully for us. It is simple to use and easy to access the information.   People learn at their own pace, gaining knowledge as they progress through each module, so that they are able to answer questions on their own understanding. In addition, the level of customer service we receive is excellent.” Hamilton Morris Waugh
How it works
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    Complete the training courses for full certification

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Fire Safety NI

Online Fire Safety Training

With costs from only £10 per person, online training is cost effective and convenient, saving you money and time

Fire Safety NI

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