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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your personal data via providing a secure website and best practice policies on Data Protection.We do not share your personal data with anyone else. 

What Information Do We Collect:

We collect information the following information:

Google Analytics Cookies:

We use Google Analytics to review our website and this lets us see information such as number of visitors how long they stay on and what pages they have viewed. Google Analytics does not provide any personally identifiable information about you. In order to run Google Analytics we use a Cookie which is a small piece of software that loads in your browser which will log your site visit and the pages visited. Google Analytics will store your IP Address and also records the pages you visit on our website and other information which is not personally identifiable to you. For more information on google analytics https://www.google.co.uk/analytics.

Enquiries & Feedback:

When you make an enquiry or feedback using the forms on this website then we store this information for a while so that we can effectively deal with he enquiry or feedback request. When we have dealt with the enquiry or feedback we will then delete the personal details e.g. name, email address, telephone no etc.

My Right to Be Forgotten

If you choose you have the right to have personal information about you deleted from our systems. You can do this by emailing us at office@firesafetyni.net and we will delete your personal details from our systems.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

This website has an SSL Certificate installed which encrypts the data being sent to and from the web server (where the website is stored) and the browser (which you use to view the web pages). When you fill in a form on this website the data is encrypted so that it cannot be read making using this website more secure.

Fire Safety NI Mobile App

Logging in: In the mobile application we ask you to login to your existing account by entering your username and password. This is to provide you access to mobile application so that you can manage your account. This includes managing your premises, outstanding actions and your fire log book.

Persissions: The mobile appilcation will have the following permissions:

  • Access to your photo library so that you select an image
  • Access to your camera so that you take a photo and submit

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